There’s a western flair on Oakdale property. Get back in the saddle at the Oakdale Cowboy Museum and go for a ride straight into the past. Honoring the days of the wild west, this little museum brings folks back to a simpler yet more robust time. Exhibits and special events draw in crowds ready to be wrangled into all the fun.

Two galleries fill the building on this piece of Oakdale real estate. Amazing photographs show a timeline of the life of a cowboy capturing both the action and emotion. An exhibit of saddles highlight the finely leather crafted equipment. And, the Ranches in the Central Valley exhibit draws crowds from all over. Featured exhibits are ever changing keeping guests meandering in to see what’s new.

Ride into the Wild West on Oakdale Real Estate

With a reputation of the “Cowboy Capital of the World” the Oakdale Cowboy Museum kicks it up a notch. The Oakdale property hosts a variety of events. In the springtime the annual Cowgirl luncheon starts off the local rodeo season. The Annual Dinner and Auction honors special contributors to the area’s western heritage. Taking place in the autumn, the night features a lively auction, good grub and an entertaining presentation.

Locals eagerly anticipate wintertime and the Cowboy Christmas. The whole community comes out for this family friendly event. Festivities are bright with exhibitor booths selling trinkets, pieces of art, wood work and seemingly limitless other western themed goods. Large appetites seek out hearty fare. The entertainment is high energy with the spotlight on Cowboy Santa riding in on his trusty steed.

The doors to the Oakdale Cowboy Museum swing open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Next to the iconic H-B Saloon the venue is easily found at 355 East F Street. Mosey on in some time and say howdy.